Ten mistakes with your jewelry

Ten mistakes with your jewelry

The ten mistakes not to make with your jewelry. Don’t wash the jewelry too much, remember where to put them and…

There are things not to do. For example, miss the birthday of your partner, speak ill of your boss or send very long text messages . In fact there are many mistakes not to make and some of this could also have harmful consequences on your rings, necklaces or bracelets. So here are the 10 mistakes to avoid absolutely.

1. Housework. Sweep, wash dishes, store dishes: all activities that are enemies of jewelry. Household chores, and more generally manual work, can easily scratch metal and chipping stones: remember to remove the jewelry before you start.

2. Wear the same jewel every day. Okay, you like the engagement ring. But even the diamond ring needs rest. The metal wears out and the set that holds the stone still may loosen. The risk is to lose the diamond. If you really don’t want to give up your engagement ring, avoid wearing it just all day.

3. Pearls and perfumes. Pearls, but also the most delicate stones, such as opals, can spoil themselves in contact with lacquers or aggressive scents, not to mention lipstick or other cosmetics. Do not use them on the parts of the body in contact with these elements.

4. No bathroom. Showering or, worse, pool water are enemies of your jewelry. Chemicals such as detergents and disinfectants can irreparably ruin stones and corrode metal. The water that flows in the long run is an abrasive that eliminates the glossy patina on the surface of the jewelry, usually induced with the roding process.

5. Memory exercises. It sounds amazing, but the number of jewels you lose is absurdly high. The act of taking off a ring, lifting off earrings, untiing a necklace, is often linked to operations taking place at home or in the workplace. Make a habit of storing your jewelry always in the same place, better in a closed box.

6. Watch out for the ultrasonic machine. A jewelry cleaning device that works on ultrasound can be a good idea for those who periodically have to keep their jewelry in order. But it is not recommended for cameos, emeralds, opals, pearls, corals and, more generally, for soft stones.

7. Enemy soap. Periodically cleaning your jewelry is necessary. But cleaning them too often could be counterproductive. Not only that: if you dip rings and necklaces in a cleansing solution, remember not to keep them in a bath for too long. Excessive cleaning can tarnish the metal and ruin the stones.

8. Take out the ring. When you pull a ring off your finger, remember to grab the edges of the circumference and not make strength on the mounted stone, if it is present. Over time the pressure on the stone can loosen the labels or change the setting of the ring, with the risk of dropping the stone.

9. Tangle the necklaces. If you have long necklaces, place them carefully. Better yet, leave them hanging on a hook or a stand: when a chain tangles it is easy to spoil it when trying to untie the knots. Tip: If this happens, spread the necklace on a shelf, do not attempt to untie the knot while it hangs.

10. No to the sled effect. Have you ever heard that jingle, the rattling of rattles on a horse-drawn sled. It is very pleasant to listen to in winter or in the open countryside. But it doesn’t suit a woman who walks by making too many jewels jingle. Moreover, if the jewels collide, they are easily ruined.

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